• Transforming customer experience

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    “A strategy that breaks with traditional law firm culture to transform the experience of clients and staff.”
    Our passion involves renewing the legal industry to truly meet the customers’ needs. We are continually developing and experimenting with new ways of exceeding the expectations of our customers. Our solid expertise and friendly service is a clear reason why we succeed so often in achieving high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • What is Fondia?

    What is Fondia?
    Fondia is a forerunner in legal services.
    Fondia helps to secure your company's legal foundation.

    In addition to taking care of our clients' daily legal affairs under the Legal Department Service, we also advise our clients in various projects, such as demanding transactions and conflict situations. We also offer our clients tools for more efficient management of legal issues and high-quality legal training.
  • Meet our experts

    Meet our experts
    Fondia's more than 60 legal professionals are at your service, whether you are in need of a specialist in a particular field or someone experienced to handle your company's daily legal matters.
    Based on your company's needs, we will build just the right team for you to rely on.
  • Meet our happy clients

    Meet our happy clients
    Fondia helps its clients to succeed.
    With Fondia’s experienced legal professionals making sure your company’s legal matters are in order, you can focus on developing your company’s business. Our experience speaks for itself, as 99 % of our clients would recommend our services to their friends.
  • VirtualLawyer

    VirtualLawyer online legal database.
    VirtualLawyer is a free, easy to use, and reliable legal database compiled by Fondia's experienced lawyers.

    The service is an excellent and comprehensive information source for the entire company's personnel. The database includes more than 1,700 articles in Finnish and English, covering the legal questions faced by companies in their daily business in a clear and reliable manner.
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On Work, Resilience and Intent: The Changing Legal Environment

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Daily legal services

Daily legal services

Fondia's Legal Department service is an easy and efficient way of managing your company's daily legal affairs.
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Other legal services

Fondia's experienced legal counsels are at your service in different projects, such as transactions and conflict and dispute situations.


The online tools developed by Fondia make managing your company's legal matters easier and more efficient and hassle-free.