KnowHow E-learning service

Fondia KnowHow is an online learning service which allows you to train even large numbers of staff in a cost-effective manner. The service is suitable for the entire staff and all kind of companies regardless of their field of business or size.

KnowHow contains study material and tests based on material which are available regardless of time or location. The service provides you comprehensive reports on the state of training and need of additional training. Clear and comprehensive training material composed by experienced lawyers of Fondia is always compatible with current legislation.

Foresee risks

Nowadays all responsible businesses have their own compliance programs in order to meet the standards of legislation and internal policies of the company.

Fondia Compliance KnowHow training service contains different subjects to choose from the most suitable ones: Competition Law, Data Protection or Anti-Bribery & Corruption. By training staff company may foresee undesirable consequences and avoid financial damages as well as negative publicity.

Want to learn more? 

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